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Scottish Government Review of Local Third Sector Infrastructure In Scotland

We live in unprecedented times. The harsh realities of current economic and political challenges require all of us - as individuals, as organisations and as leaders - to operate in new ways.  The third sector is no longer being seen as passive deliverers of public service outcomes but rather as co-producers, leaders in the field and agents of change. Many of the systems, structures and organisational relationships in which we have operated and, with which we are comfortable, are no longer fit for purpose.  The shifting public service landscape (new tax and welfare powers, Public Service Reform agenda) means we have to evolve and we have to do so together. Scottish Ministers have made very clear that they want to increase the scale and pace of change. We need to disrupt current assumptions about delivery to get the best value for public money and the best outcome for everyone in Scotland.  The Third Sector has a crucial role to play in delivering the change we need, and we need your help to do it. The local third sector infrastructure in Scotland is an important part of the picture and the Scottish Government is focussing on how to improve and strengthen it.  As a first step, the Scottish Government commissioned an independent evaluation of the Third Sector Interface model and Voluntary Action Scotland which has been operating since 2011 to support (four key functions) volunteering, social enterprises, local third sector organisations and participation in the community planning process. The independent evaluation provides robust evidence to be used as part of a broader engagement process about improvements necessary in the short, medium and longer term. The evaluation is available by following the link below:

Over the next 3 months, Scottish Government officials will be holding a series of conversations and events throughout Scotland to examine how the third sector infrastructure is organised and how it can be improved in the medium to longer term.  The Scottish Government wants to ensure that as many people as possible put forward their views on how the local third sector should be organised to support individuals and communities across Scotland. Following this wider engagement, Scottish Government officials, in dialogue with the wider interests, will draw together recommendations for consideration by Scottish Ministers by Autumn 2017 for implementation from 2018/19. Scottish Government and Voluntary Action Scotland have agreed it is important that local third sector organisations have an opportunity to input their views into the evaluation process. The consultation document is available here and should be filled in and returned to: Closing date: Friday 26th May.


Scottish Government Consultation Hub

The Scottish Government wants to make it as easy as possible for those who wish to express their opinions on a proposed area of work to do so in ways which will inform and enhance that work.
They have a consultation hub on their website where you can view and take part in consultations as well as see consultations that have already been archived.

Visit the hub here:

Howe of Alford Community Action Plan

Donside Community Council is leading the process to develop a community action plan for the Howe of Alford. This covers the villages and communities around and including Alford; Whitehouse, Tough, Keig, Montgarrie, Tullynessle, Muir of Fowlis, Craigievar, Cushnie and Bridge of Alford. Please go to this link to fill in the survey to give your views.

Experience of working with child refugees in Scotland?

Children in Scotland would like to build a clearer picture of professionals’ experiences of working with children who have experienced trauma, including refugee children, to help inform their communications, training and events. If you have experience of working with refugee children and families, Children in Scotland ask for your help in answering just 4 short questions here.


Community Engagement

Aberdeenshire Council, in partnership with the Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership and Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership, would like to find out how they can involve you in decisions and services. They are asking for your help to shape the way they work together to create a vision for the future which continues to strengthen your involvement in local decisions-making. At the moment they are looking for information you feel should be included in a new strategy which will focus on how they work together. Views are being sought from community groups, third sector organisations, and employees from across Aberdeenshire.
Information you share with us will help us prepare a draft version of the strategy which will be shared with you later in the year. We will then hold further talks with groups/organisations about the feedback received before going through the council’s formal approval process.


Please send information about consultations that are live and relevant to the Third Sector to: