Learning Project

We can help bring out the potential in your volunteers - helping them to be more
effective and their volunteering experience more rewarding.

If you think we can help your organisation with learning and development activities for your ava-learning-project-logovolunteers, please get in touch. Other courses are available and we can also facilitate bespoke learning and development events and activities to meet specific organisational needs. Here's what our Learning Project offers:

Skills Plus

An introductory level programme of 6-8 two hour sessions with a focus on developing confidence and the skills needed to be effective as a volunteer. This programme is suitable for people who are volunteering or thinking about volunteering. An ideal programme for adults who may not have been involved in learning for some time.

SQA Employability Award

Certified by SQA, this award is ideal for individuals who are volunteering and are looking to improve their own employability and enhance their preparation for interviews and chances of securing a job. This award requires the candidate to create a portfolio of evidence that will be assessed against SQA standards.

This award is available at SCQF Levels 3&4 and will take approximately 40 hours to complete and candidates will have access to tutor supported sessions.

SQA Volunteering Skills Award

Certified by SQA, this award would be suitable for anyone interested in developing their volunteering so that they can contribute as much as possible. There are three units within the award that cover different aspects of volunteering and candidates are required to create a portfolio of evidence that will be assessed against SQA standards. The award is available at SCQF Levels 3, 4 & 5 and will  take approximately 120 hours to complete but this does include time spent volunteering.

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is an important role and activity among volunteers in many organisations where it is important that experience, support and learning can be shared within the peer group. Some organisations have recognised the importance and benefits of peer mentoring among their volunteers and have introduced the role of Peer Mentor within their organisations. Our Peer Mentoring learning programme is aimed at individuals who may have this role or are interested in taking on this responsibility.

Literacy Learning Support

Our Literacy Learning Support Programme has the aim of helping to improve individual literacy confidence and abilities. Working with individuals or small groups we use a social practice approach where adults can feel able to engage in learning in a safe and encouraging environment.

Going Digital

Our Going Digital Learning Programme offers basic learning in the use of computers at an introductory level. While many take for granted their ability to access and use computers, there are also many people who cannot use a computer and can feel intimidated and sometimes isolated by their lack of ability and confidence in using computers. Our computer learning sessions have a focus on the IT skills that are relevant in volunteering.

SQA Accreditation & Awards

AVA Volunteering has developed a range of accredited and non-accredited learning and development courses and programmes for volunteers with the aim of developing skills and confidence so that individuals can be effective as a volunteer and contribute to the success of the organisations where they volunteer.

For more information about the AVA Learning Project, please contact Pauline Anderson on 07515527526 or email: Pauline.Anderson@avashire.org.uk